September 6, 2012

Family Day Sunday: The Tablet

August 12, 2012

I woke up early compared to the usual time every Sunday because I need to go our neighbor and fetch some water since we don’t have water since Saturday due to some repair done by the provider. Good to know that there is already water coming out of our faucet so I just filled the large pail with water.

After filling, Mommy and Matt were already awake and they started to prepare our breakfast (as usual), tuyo and sunny side-up egg with the left-over tokwa sisig.

I took a bath and prepare for myself to church. We decided to go to SM Marilao for the mass since we will be late if we are going to the nearby church. Furthermore, Mommy wants to look for Tablet-PC for Matt so he can watch movies and kiddie videos like Mickey Mouse Clubhouse which he really loves without disturbing us in making some crafts and working online.

After searching for almost all stalls that sells tablet-PC, we found Memo Express and find three units of tablet, Samsung tablet 7.0, Cherry Mobile Paladin and the ZTE brand. Among the three ZTE and Samsung are really great but we prefer the Samsung since it is its brand already known and they got almost the same price. Furthermore, Samsung is on their mark down price promo. This is to thanks consumers for making them as the leading mobile brand in the Philippines.

We just bought burger and fries from Jollibee and return back home because Matt is already irritated and making tantrums. Perhaps, he is already tired and hungry.

Instead of buying tablet case, Mommy asked me to make our own. She told me that she has some fabrics that can be made into a case. So after having some rest, I made our own tablet case before having our merienda (cheese sticks and nacho chips with salsa dip), while Mommy and Matt are fond of exploring the new tablet.
The Tablet and DIY Case
Matt and His Tablet
Meryenda Time (First pic taken using Tab)

Before the day ends, I fetch another batch of water because again, there is still no water coming out of the faucet. What a day!

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