September 16, 2012

New Office

There are only two of us in our department, my inspector and I. We were used to have our office in the Central Laboratory located in the same vicinity but it seems to be congested already (peace Mommy, LOL).

When I saw a vacant room that can be used as our new office, I requested the management if we can utilize it instead of just making it storage room for some unused stuffs. I was lucky since they granted my request and after few months of some repair, we finally moved to our new place.

The Door

Sample retention rack
(We are at the Quality Assurance,
we need to retain feeds and raw material samples)

The White Board
(we palced announcements, memos and some food for thought)

Our Tables

Production Site
(from our office, we can see the finished product packaging section
which is an advantage for us)

We are currently starting the 5S implementation in our workplace so I need to make my drawers organized too.

We really need to make our new office neat and organized since they are looking at us as an example because of the nature of our work - quality assurance.

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