September 22, 2012

Family Day Sundays: Rides and Selecta Ice Cream

September 16, 2012

I had stopped posting our family day Sundays for almost three weeks due to busy workloads. Good that I am here again sharing my family days.

I remember that it was my grandfather’s birthday. We went to SM Marilao to attend the mass and also pay our water bill. Unfortunately, we didn’t catched up the mass so we decided to proceed to Divine Mercy Shrine.

We stayed for about an hour and let Matt took some rides. He enjoys the mini-carousel. At first I followed him to assist as the carousel turns. However, it seems that he behave in the said ride and let him on his own. After the carousel, he asked for the “pig” ride.  After the first round, he asked for another one. On his second coin, the ride seems to malfunction. For more than five minutes, it keeps on moving. After few minutes we left the place and let the pig continue moving. (Unlimited ika nga! LOL)
Matt enjoying the rides

At the Divine Mercy Shrine, we are able to catch the last mass. After the mass, I lit few candles for my grandfather and whisper my prayers.

We really need to go back since Mommy got class and made orders on her “online shoppe”. We took our lunch, grilled pork with tokwa (no picture this time because I am really hungry. Hehehe).

Mommy let Matt to sleep first before we started our work. Here are some of the finished works.

Some of our finished works - Beanie Hats and Barefoot Flowers
(Mommy did the one at the right while I did the other)
We had ice cream for our afternoon snack.

 It is worthy to spend the weekends with your family.