September 9, 2012

MMMouthwatering New Treat From McDo

Early this week I received my billing statement in Metrobank Credit Card Holders. It includes a leaflet on their McDonald’s treat for their card holders. I checked the mechanics and found out that installment purchases are considered in “valid spending”. Then I checked when we purchased the Galaxy tab for Matt (posted HERE). I was happy that the promo period covers transaction from August 10 to November 10, 2012 and redemption is until January 10 next year.

Yesterday, I tried to redeem it in McDonald’s Sta. Maria, Bulacan Branch and I was happy that I got the said treat. I opt for 1-pc chicken McDo Happy Meal with Hotwheels toy for Matt which makes him say “WOW!” when he saw what we had for him. Good thing that there are such treats for Metrobank Credit Card Holders.

Check HERE for more details.

Matt's dinner

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