September 15, 2012


I've been working in thins manufacturing industry since 2003. I just want to share some inputs about  it. 

At first, I thought that feeds are the same as “darak” only to find out that “darak” or rice bran is just one of the “filler” ingredient in feeds, meaning this is not the major component of feeds. Sometimes, feeds are produced even without it. There are major group of feed ingredients according to their function. These are vegetable protein source, animal protein source, energy sources and fillers. Not to forget the vitamins, minerals and some medications. The percentage of inclusion was formulated by the animal nutritionists.

The feeds are produced by dosing, grinding into set particle size and mixing using the specified time. After mixing, it will undergo further process depending on the form of feeds that needed; mash, pellet or crumble. Mashed feeds do not undergo further process after mixing. Pellet-formed feeds continue to the process of pelleting where the mashed feeds pass conditioner (cooking thru addition of steam) before passing to pelletizer to produce the pelleted feeds. It will then undergo cooling process to lower the temperature from 70ÂșC or more to ambient temperature before bagging. Crumble-form feeds, on the other hand, will need to pass the crumbler to crack the pelleted feeds before bagging.
Mash-Formed Feeds
Crumble-Formed Feeds 
Pellet-Formed Feeds

Before the feeds are being released to the customers, it will undergo series of physical tests as part of our quality checking.

Here is a short video made by one of our colleagues in our Tarlac plant. This is shown during the awarding ceremony of our ISO Certification.

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