September 13, 2012

GLEE Season 4

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I love watching GLEE. I have a donwloaded copy (hopefully I am not pirating their copies) of the first three seasons of this TV Series. I even donwloaded some of their cover songs which sounds really great and sometimes even better than the original ones. I am really glad that the upcoming season will start airing today at Fox.

Besides from their guest stars here are some of what I am lokking forward this season.
1. How does life of Rachel in NYADA runs?
2. Does Finn continue to pursue his Military Class?
3. How does Mercedes Jones' singing career goes? How is her relationship with Sam Evans?
4. At what school does Kurt Hummel enters since he did not get into NYADA? Will his realtionship with Blaine Anderson continues or will they split up this season?
5. Will Santana Lopez continue to pursue her college in one of Cheerleading schools? How about her  realationship with Britanny S. Pierce?
6. Will Noah Puckerman and Quinn Fabray become couple for their child, Beth? Or Puck will pursue his Pool Cleaning Business in California?
7. Do we hear wedding bells for Will Schuester and Emma Pillsbury?
8. What will be the gender of Sue Sylvester's child? Who is the father? Does having a baby will change her attitude?
9. How about Michael Chang and Tina Cohen-Chang realtionship? Will Tina became the next star of New Direction?
10. Who will be the new stars of New Direction since Rachel and Finn already graduated from William Mckinley High? 

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