September 28, 2012

Matt: Mickey Mouse Fanatic

Asking Matt who is his favorite character, he will definitely answer Mickey Mouse. Want proofs?

He will ask you to watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse either TV, computer or tablet.
He’s favorite sleeping buddy.
One time, he woke up in the middle of the night and cried.
I asked him why he was crying, he just said, “Mickey, asan?”
Upon having Mickey, he returned back to his sleep.
I though he just wants to have some milk.

On his 2nd birthday, we did a Mickey-inspired mini-party.
From invitation, souvenir as well as his cake.
Good that there are character-cakes from Goldilocks.
Of course, I made him crocheted Mickey Mouse hat
which he loves to wear during his early morning walk
around the village with Tita.
 Didn’t he like Mickey Mouse?