December 4, 2012

Healing Galing Visit

My MIL was found to have slight Parkinson's Disease. She was given several medications by her neurologist but it seems that these medications are used for maintenance and not to cure her. I heard in one of my favorite radio program, Healing Galing about the said condition and how to treat it in natural ways.

Last Sunday, we decided to bring her at their office in Novaliches.
Aside from the said disorder, she was found to have low blood hemoglobin, a reason for her disturbed sleep at night. She was also found to have high uric acid content.

After the free consultation (yes free consultation), she was given natural medicine prescription which includes Healing Oil (the one I mentioned in my previous post about my skin disorder), organic vitamins B1, B6 and B12 and Healing Food or what they called Spirulina. She was also prescribed to take Fish Oil before bedtime for her blood pressure, rhizome pills to reduce her uric acid and tawa-tawa decoction to help increase her blood hemoglobin. Unfortunately, rhizome pills are out of stock that time.

I will try to use the Healing Oil in treatment of my Vitiligo.

Aside from the prescribed medications, we also bought EC-27 GuavaPlus Soap and Healing Eye Drops.

Here are the products we bought last Sunday.

Healign Galing Products.

Aside from what we purchased, there are also some products for natural healing in their office.

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