December 30, 2012

Easy Tips to Stick on New Year's Resolution


2012 is about to end and we are about to say our hello to 2013. During the change of year, most of us think of a New Year’s resolutions like losing weight, avoid having credits, quit smoking, and many more. At this point of the year, whatever our goal is, we tend to be highly motivated. Sadly after the first quarter, it seems to forget the promises we made to ourselves. Here are some tips to make our new year’s resolutions run not only for a few weeks but for the whole year.
Concentrate on one resolution only - I know that most of us are enthusiastic to change a lot in our lifestyle at once. This is good but a terrible idea. Making promises or committing to more than single resolution is devastating. For example, you want to devote more time to your family but can you sacrifice your work time then in order to get promoted at work? You need to choose a habit or manners that you really want to change or else, your resolutions will be broken promises.

Be detailed– Upon stating your goal, be exact. Like for example: instead of saying, “I am going to lose weight” or “I am going to save for the rainy days”,  just say, “I will lose 10 pounds this year” or “I will save 10% or my het earnings to bank”. The more specific your goal is, the more you become enthusiast because it will make you reach your goal easily.

Make it a group workIt does not mean that you are going to set goals for a team. It only means that it is good let your families and friends know your resolution. First, they will help protect you from possible temptations that will obstruct you in attaining your goal. Second, this will make you stick to your promises since you don’t want to disappoint other’s expectations.

Write your promise Write down your resolution in a piece of paper and stick it on a place that you can see them frequently. By this way, you will feel that is it formal and concrete making you less likely to break it. Also, you must be brief and direct in your wordings. The clearer it is, the more you get motivated to achieve it.

Set a cheat dayChanging habits and attitudes is really difficult. Don’t get feel devastated when you cheat once in a while. If you still feel guilty or upset, think of it as learning experience and get back on the right track.
Having a new year’s resolution is really hard but you can do it by the above tips. Nothing is impossible.

Can you share your tips on how you get stick to our new year’s resolution too?

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