December 17, 2012

Simple Kitchen Tips for the Holidays

Christmas is really around the corner. Have you already decided what to cook for the Noche Buena and Media Noche? Or still thinking on what to cook? Here are some simple tips that will help you enjoy the holiday and prevent you on cramming in the kitchen.

Prepare a menu list - This is one of the most important things to have. This will serve as guide on what to buy and how to keep you track of your budget. You may also include in the list the possible meals than can be cooked in case there are some left-overs.

Think of enjoyable meals – Having unusual foods on your dining table will really make your visitors amazed and will think they are in a five-star hotel. Furthermore, it is really fun to cook such dishes; however, you must still consider of the food that many will enjoy eating it. It is still flattering to see empty plates, including serving dishes, than having many left overs.

Prepare your grocery list – During this season, there are already many people rushing the groceries. Having list before going to grocery will save you time roaming around and thinking what to buy. Furthermore, this will help you avoid buying unnecessary stuffs. In my own experience, I can make my grocery done in 30 minutes by having a list in my pocket.

Do your grocery few days ahead – In my experience, having grocery a day before the holiday will be really stressful. There are already very long lines paying the cashiers. Added to it is that some of the items needed in your meals are already out of stocks especially those for pasta and salads. One great tip is to have grocery on weekdays and if you can, better go early afternoon at around 12:30-1:00pm because during these times, there are only few shoppers around.

Prepare ahead of time – when you have some menu that can be prepare and cooked ahead of time and stored in freezer or fridge, better do it few days before. For example, embutido and rellenong bangus really take time to prepare however, it can be stored in freezer and ready for baking or frying. Same with the pasta, you can cook this earlier and store in the fridge. Be sure not to overcook because you are going to re-heat this later.

Be realistic – Never think of the foods that are impossible to cook in your own kitchen. For example, you want to make baked goodies like roast chicken or baked macaroni but you don’t have oven in your home, you may slashed these in your menu list. Furthermore, never attempt to cook meals that will not fit on your budget.

I hope these tips will help a bit. Can you share your tips too?
Good day and enjoy your kitchen during the holidays!

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