December 19, 2012

Seafoods Sunday

Last Sunday, I went to market and bought stuffs needed for the week's menu. Since I was alone in the market, I got a chance to buy what I want. Right, Mommy?

As I searched for fish in the wet section, I got cravings for seafoods so I got some pieces of shrimps and alimasag (crab) instead of Maya-maya (snapper fish). These will be our lunch for the day.

I just simmer the crabs with a little bit of onion, ginger and salt for few minutes and served with   artem (Ilocano term for soaked chili in vinegar). On the other hand, I prepared the shrimps as sinigang.  Perfect for hot and steamy rice!

What a nice seafood sunday!

Sinigang na Hipon

Crab soaked in artem

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