December 23, 2012

Holiday Heart Syndrome

In time with the holidays! So before going to party celebrations this Christmas Eve, try to think of this one.
Holiday Heart Syndrome is defined as “arrhythmias of the heart” or  simply heart palpitation and does not really associate with the holidays. This condition is a link between alcohol use and irregular heartbeat, conduction delays and cardiac performance resulting from stress, dehydration and the most common – drinking.
The word “holiday” was only coined since most cases happened after vacation from work or holidays followed by excessive alcohol intake. So if you are not drinker, you might have a small possibility of experiencing this.
Irregular heart rhythm is very dangerous. If the condition remains for few hours, a medical attention is needed since it might lead to stroke.
In spite the cute name, this condition is a serious matter that needs attention before it leads to something else.

Merry Christmas everyone!

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