December 6, 2012

Afraid of Getting Lost?

Amusement and theme parks are really in this season. I bet many kids will ask their parents to visit one of them during the holidays.
 However, as parent, I know that many of you are afraid that your kids might get lost while at the park.

Most parents' the initial reaction is to panic and shout names of thie lost kid. But if you are in such places, the probability of getting heard by your kids is next to impossibility and such act will make no help at all.

Here are some simple tips that might help when exploring public and busy places.

Have Identification.
You may put any identification on your kids like tags with their names and contact numbers of their parents of any adult they are with during that day. This is effective especially to kids who cannot speak. Refrain from placing home or school address for safety reasons. Place them in a manner that it will be visible or can be easily accessed by others without removing their clothing. If your kids are old enough, you may put notes on their pockets so that they will provide such information when they get lost.

Familiarize with the place.
Before roaming around, try to let your kids familiarize with the place first, try to look for a distinct landmark and instruct them to go there in case they get lost. This will serve as your meeting place.

Wear bright colored clothes.
This is the parent’s “third-eye” making you easily spot them even in the middle of the crowd or at a distance.

Assigning clothes that can only be used in public places can also help parents remember what dress they are wearing and easily give information to authorities especially when in panic mode.

Carry a recent photo.
Nowadays, carrying a phot is not that applicable because of the power of technology. Try to take head-and-shoulders photos thru cell phones before leaving the house.

Teach what to do.
Instruct your kids what to do when they get lost. Most kids just cry in the corner when they noticed that their parents are not with them anymore. Practice them on how to show their identification tags and giving information when asking help from others.

Use leash.
If you are still afraid for your kids of getting lost, better use leash. It is somewhat uncomfortable to either one of you but it will be the safest way to prevent your kids of getting lost. There are already leashes in different colors and design available in the market.

Once you joined up again, cheer them for following instructions. Treat them if necessary. Tell them that you are proud that they do the correct actions to get them back. If they did not follow the instruction correctly, just tell them what to do next time they get lost. This will boost their confidence of being motivated to find you rather than choosing to be lost because of being scared that you will be angry at them.

Now, going to amusement or theme parks or even in public places, you will not be afraid that your kids might get lost with the simple tips above.

Good day!

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