October 5, 2013

Ang Batang Palusot

Friday night, Matt was so kulit so when they went upstairs, I told him not to watch TV and have a sleep already. After few hours I went back and still Matt is wide awake. Then he sat beside me telling something.

Matt: Nuod ako TV. Got to Believe. Saka nuod ako tablet. McQueen. (I watched Got to Believe on TV then I watched McQueen on tablet)
Me: (with a serious voice) Di ba sabi ko sa’yo hindi ka na manunuood ng TV? Bakit ka nanuod? Makulit ka yata ah? (Haven’t I told you not to watch TV? Why you still do that?)
Mommy: Di ba sabi ko sayo wag ka maingay? Manunuod ka pero wag mo sasabihin sa Daddy mo. Bakit mo sinabi? (Haven’t I told you to keep quiet and don’t tell Daddy that you watched TV?)
Then he stopped with his face became serious and about to cry. He can’t even look at me which seems he knows his mistakes. Then I asked him sit beside me, his face suddenly enlightened, smiled and kissed me then he sat on my lap. So I asked him again why he watched TV. Now he speaks but he keeps in telling stories to drag me away from the topic.

Me: Bakit ka ulit nanuod ng TV? (Why did you watched TV?)
Matt: Yung gulong ng car ko nasira… (The tires of my car was damaged.)
Me: Oo nga sinira mo. Bakit ka nanuod ng TV? Di ba sabi ko sayo wag ka na manunuod? (Yes, you broke it. Haven’t I told you not to watch TV because you are makulit?)
Matt: Daddy o, ung hook mo. Gagantsilyo ka na…Tapusin mo na ung hat… (Daddy, here’s your hook. Do your crochet and finish the hat..)

Magaling na bata. Magaling ng lumusot. LOL.