October 19, 2013

Acer eRecovery Management

The other day, I was about to update my blog when suddenly I cannot connect to any wireless networks - hone and office,  which made me decide to conduct system restore but is doesn’t continue so I cancelled. Unfortuantely, upon cancellation, the entire system seem to crash. When I tried to restart my computer, it did not continue booting and the operating system likely to crash too.

Until the following day, I made some research at the office on how to restore the operating system without using installation disk (my netbook don’t have any CD driver). Until I found about the Acer eRecovery Management –this will allow you to reinstall Operating system on Acer laptops and netbooks without using any installation disk because the OS is already pre-installed in the computer.

Pressing Alt+F10, repeatedly just before the windows starts will redirect you to Acer eRecovery Management  which allows you to choose three (3) options:

Completely Restore System to Factory Defaults, which will completely erase your computer and reinstall Windows returning it to the same state it was when you turned your computer on for the first time.

Restore Operating System and Retain User Data, which is essentially the same process but the information stored in your user account folder will be saved. Acer still recommends backing up all other data if you choose to use this option.
Reinstall Drivers or Applications, allows you to reinstall any application or driver that you may be having problems with that came installed on your computer without reinstalling Windows completely.
Source: Acer Website

I tried to execute the 2nd option hoping to save all the files on my computer but it failed so I resorted to the first option. All of my files were deleted including photo collections that are posted and will be posted in my other blog, work-related documents, songs and movie collections and others.

Things I learned about this?
First, do not perform any task if you are not sure how it will be executed properly.

Second, always keep a back-up of all important files. I think I have to include in my Christmas wish-list a removable storage device,  500GB will do. Any donor/s? hehehe