October 14, 2013

Annual Physical Exam Results

As part of the benefits of the health card provided to us is the annual physical exam. Though it only covers chest x-ray, CBC, urine and fecal analysis, it is already better than nothing. Next year, I might request for a blood chemistry test to determine the condition of my blood cholesterol, uric acid, blood sugar and others.

Thank God the results of all the test is within the normal limit except for the blood pressure - which happens to fluctuate a bit. On the first day, I got 110/80 while on the following day it hit the 130/90 mark. I think there is something wrong on the 2nd day because the test was done without having any rest first but this serves as a warning for me.

One best thing, I marked the 80kg – 3kg lower than December results last year. Not that much difference and far beyond my target of 75kg for this year, but this inspires me more to continue on my routine exercise at home –sit-ups and weight-lifting in the morning and skipping rope in the afternoon.

How about you how are your health condition as of the moment?

Let’s continue to stay fit and healthy!