October 13, 2013

Family Day Sunday: Matt is Sick

Photo via Mommy's Instagram
In my last post on Family Day Sunday, I mentioned that we go to SM Marilao to renew my Advantage Card but we cancelled this because Matt got a fever Saturday night. His body temperature went as high as 39.8. As a mother, Mommy didn't sleep that much and keeps on taking care and monitoring of our angel.

Good thing he woke up feeling better but still has above the normal body temperature. He started to  get makulit again. This is one good thing about Matt, he has a very high threshold over pain. Konting ginhawa lang nilalabas na ulit ang kulit. Kanino kaya nagmana, ha Mommy? LOL

My BIL went home with a bilao of Pancit Malabon and I made pizza roll for our afternoon snack and dinner. Anu sinabi ng weight-loss goals ko? Hahaha
Pizza Roll and Pancit Malabon
(Photo from Mommy's Instagram)

Instead of going out, we spent the rest of the day finishing orders for the online shoppe. Here are some of the finished products I did this weekend. 
Mommy made the beanies for the two white hats while I made the accents.
(Photo grabbed from Momaye's Shoppe)
By the way Mommy Maye is sick last night. I hope she wakes up better this morning.

Enjoy the rest of the week!