October 8, 2013

Caltex Jollibee Treats

Caltex-Jollibee Instant Promo
Photo Source: Caltex Philippines
I was already prepared for work yesterday when Mommy told me that she will file a leave to further observe Matt. Without a second thought, I decided to go on leave too and just informed our admin that I will not be around.

While Matt was still on his sleep, mommy started the day with her exercise while I do mine too. Sigurado kapag nagising ang bulilit, we will never have a chance to do it. Hehehe. Good thing that Matt’s recovery got better and better.

In the afternoon, we went to SM Marilao to pay for our water bill. But before heading to SM, I need to gas up first at Caltex and I was surprised that there is their Jollibee treat promo. Unfortunately, I didn’t get any freebie to claim since StarCard is not covered by the promo. It is only applicable to transactions using cash, credit card or Starcash. Find out HERE for the complete promo details.

To keep our promise, we made stop over at nearest Jollibee drive-thru and bought our afternoon snack where Matt was very happy seeing Jollibee’s face. His “big” appetite is already back as sign of magaling na nga talaga ang bulilit!

Thanks to Mommy who never fails of taking care of our little angel.