October 6, 2013

Family Day Sunday: Nothing Unusual

It's Sunday once again and time really flies so fast.

Last Sunday, there is no something unusual to us except that Mama and the new yaya of Matt have arrived at home. Thanks to BIL by the way for fetching them at Plaridel.

Before heading to the church for the mass, I started the day with my morning routine – sit-ups, push-ups and lifting weights. By the way, Mommy is also lifting weights (oops no photos for that. LOL). While Mommy cooks our breakfast, I made some cleaning task to Scarlet or rather referred as  "McQueen" by Matt.
Start the day with weights
Just with the normal Sunday, we went to the market to buy fish. Then we headed back home since there are lots of orders to be finished. We had ginataang langka and crispy fried fish for our lunch.
Ginataang Langka and Crispy Fried Fish

Mommy made some headbands as gift for one of our neighbors celebrating her birthday. Unfortunately, Matt did not attend the party since he fell asleep and woke-up late afternoon.

Handmade headbands (available at Momaye's Shoppe)
Today, we are planning to visit SM Marilao after attending the mass. I need to renew my SM Advantage card which has expired last month.

I am really looking forward every Sunday as family day.