October 30, 2013

Movies for the Halloween

October is about to end and one trademark of this month is the Halloween. During this time of year, horror-themed films is common in television. Ironically, I love watching such type of movies but I am really afraid to see in reality. Aside from watching Supernatural Series, here are some of horror films that really caught my interest.
Into the Mirror
It is a story about strange murder incidents in soon-to-open Dreampia Shopping Center.  Victims are found to be employees of the mall and have committed suicide in a gruesome and unusual ways.

Wu Young-min, an ex-police, is very doubtful about the findings of the authorities in the said incidents and made his own investigation and later on found the reason behind the killings in the said shopping center.

A Tale of Two Sisters
This is a Korean film which focuses on two sisters that came home from a psychiatric hospital. From then on, they continuously experience nerve-racking incidents involving both of them and their stepmother.

This is a supernatural horror film about a true-crime writer which discovered a box of home movies that shows different killings of families. By watching the movies, his family was caught in danger.

Devil Inside
It is a documentary-type film about a woman who witnessed series of exorcisms during her search for the truth about her mother who killed three people as a result of being possessed by a demon.

The Conjuring
This is a supernatural horror film about a couple who experienced disturbing events in their farmhouse in Harrisville, Rhode Island. Good thing a couple of paranormal investigators with lots of experience about haunting came to help.

Another supernatural horror film which focuses on a couple whose son was mysteriously became comatose and became a carrier for ghosts in astral dimension. At first, they thought that their house was haunted but when a spirit questors tried to investigate, they found out that their son was the one haunted and not their house.

Insidious:Chapter 2
This is sequel to Insidious which still focuses on the previous couple. This time, it was the husband who was haunted and uncovers the secret that kept them connected to the other world.

The story deals with two young girls abandoned in the forest and fostered by unknown being which they called “Mama”. This “mama” continuously followed them even they are already under the care of their uncle in suburban home.
Devil's Pass
This is a story about five young film-makers who wants to find out the unsolved mystery the 9 hikers who found to be mysteriously dead in Ural Mountains in 1959.

Chernobyl Diaries
It is another documentary-type film which features the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant. The group was found to be trapped in the said area wherein one-by-one, they are being chased and mutilated by humanoid mutants until the last person was rescued by the authorities and brought to the hospital and thrown in a dark cell with other creatures.

How about you, what horror movies would you suggest to watch during Halloween?

Photos courtesy of Wikipedia