October 29, 2013

Matt is Away for the First Time

Last night BIL told us that he will go home to Nueva Ecija this afternoon. We ask him if he can bring MIL, Matt, and Ate Dianne (his nanny) and we will just follow there on the 31st. He agreed with the plan so we texted Mama that Matt will be with them tonight. They are very happy to hear the news because they will be with Matt for longer time.

At first we are still having doubts and worries especially Mommy if we will continue with the plan since this is the first time he will be away from us for more than a day. I know parents, like us will have the same thinking and worries.
One thing we are worried is if Matt will cry and look for us especially at night. We know that we can be out of sight the whole day but not at night who happens to sleep beside me and Mommy. So we talked to him and asked him if he likes to sleep with Mama and Papa. He simply answered: “Katabi ko Lolo Remy, Mama, Ate Gwen. Hindi na’ko iiyak.” He is indeed a grown-up boy already.

Even he is a certified makulit wherein most of the time being punished by facing the wall or keeping away his favorite toy car, I missed him so much especially now that only Mommy and I were left at home.