August 17, 2015

Driving Moments:Pulilan-Plaridel Diversion Road

When we went to SM Baliwag to accompany in waiting for the bus going home. From NLEX, we took the Pulilan-Plaridel By-pass road and headed Pulilan-Plaridel Diversion Road to make our the travel faster. But to our dismay, instead of having a shorter travel time, mukang mas napatagal pa and gives inconvenience us. Why? Take a look on the photos.




If we that took this way for a day had already complaint about the situation, what more of the motorists that uses this road daily? Majority of the the road  is already damaged and needs to be rehabilitated.

There are lot of areas here in Bulacan that road repair and road widening is being made. Ironically, some of the roads that are on repair are still in good condition. In Sta. Maria By-pass road, for example, yearly road re-blocking and repair is being done even it is still in good condition. Recently, aside from road re-blocking, “unnecessary” road widening was also made.

Is this where our taxes go?

Is this scenario also happening in your place?