August 11, 2015

How To Calm Active Kids?

Kids at toddler stage are always full of stored energy making them hyperactive.

Matthew is used known to be hyperactive not only at home but in school as well. Sometime, this gave an impression to others of being makulit especially in school.

Lately, he used to bring home "sad face" not one but last week he got 7 which indicates of misbehavior in class. When Mommy asked him what he did in school, he will just say "Nagkulit po kasi ako." See, at an early age, the word makulit is already pinned in his mind and uses this as reason why his teacher gave him "sad face".

Being hyperactive, there are times I am thinking that he might have an ADHD or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. As I research about this I conclude that he doesn't have it. He even possess the opposites of all the symptoms like disorganized, distracted, and forgetful. He doesn’t have any problem in doing his homework.

Here are some suggestions I found on the internet that may help me and Mommy calming our super active Matthew.

Keep calm.
This is the first recommendation I got. Speaking in soft and slow voice does not only put him to calm but help him develop his speech and social skills. Hand signals and soft tone as reminder to calm can be utilized.

Divert the energy.
Toddler's energy reserve must be consumed to avoid being hyperactive. If regular home activities is not enough to suppress the energy, diverting it to other tasks.

A simple visit at the clubhouse and let them run, climb, jump can be a nice option. But always think of their safety first.

If going outside is not permissible, dancing in an upbeat music indoor is another choice. Doing your routine activities with him like cooking, cleaning the house or car, or baking, can be an option too.

Introduce rhythm.
Involving them to play musical instruments like drums, maracas, keyboards and guitars can also help. It will not only let them play it like a toy but it will also help their energy focused on a single activity.

But once you handled these musical instrument like the ibanez jem, be sure to increase your tolerance against noise.

Have a healthy sleeping habits.
Though sleeping can restore kid’s energy, having a restful sleep can trigger unnecessary hyperactivity. Having a fixed schedule of sleep can help them differentiate between bedtime and playtime.

Avoid too much sweets.
Foods high in sugar or refined carbohydrates can drop blood glucose. Our body’s usual response to this is to increasing the release of adrenaline and cortisol or know to be as “stress hormones” making the body to be active.

Alternatives to sweets like fruits as their snack is better than giving them sweet breads like cakes, donuts and other pastries. Fruits high in magnesium and calcium are found to have calming properties.

Dark chocolates can be given since it has lesser amount of sugar compared to regular chocolates.

Vanilla ice cream can be included in the meal since vanilla is found to have calming properties too.

Have a short break.
If you thought that your kid is getting too much activity, try to give him a break. Ask him to sit for a while a try giving books to read or paper and crayons to draw.

Praise when needed.

If he can stay calm and quit for the period you asked him or even longer, this should be acknowledged. By doing this, it encourages him to do the same thing the next time you asked for it.

Matthew is just 5 and being hyperactive is just part of growing up. As parent, we just need to understand and let him enjoy his childhood. Just like one of the latest TV ads.

"Minsan lang silang maging bata...
Kaya sabayan mo na."

How do you handle kid's hyperactivity?