August 25, 2015

Tips In Case of Kid's Lost at the Mall

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When we visited SM Baliwag two weeks ago and something happened. Matthew got lost on our sight while we are looking for something to buy.

At first we let him run away from us since he used to do this every time we go to the mall. After a few minutes, he will return. But that doesn't happen, he didn’t go back. Mommy and I started to look for him. We go on separate ways to make the search faster. I am afraid that he might go upstairs using the escalator.

In one of the isles, saktong pagtingin ko, lumabas s'ya at nakita n'ya ako kaagad. Coming from the opposite side, he ran towards my location crying and very cold.

With this, I learned something when going to malls with kids.

Don’t bring your kids.
As much as possible do not bring your kids if you are going to buy your personal stuff like clothes, shoes, and make-up. Searching such items needs fitting or trial, which may cause boredom to kids.

If you cannot follow this, here are some tips that can be applied in the case of such scenario.

Instruct where to go.
Prior to entering, tell your kids where to proceed in case they lost. Think of landmarks like an escalator or a cashier terminal which can be easily located.

Have a unique way of communication.
If kids can already handle phones, it will not be a problem. But for a 5-year-old kid, you need to have a unique way to communicate.

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Who to approach.
Tell your kids to approach guards or sales lady to ask help in case they are lost. These persons have the fastest way to communicate thru radio or paging system.

Some parents use guard and other persons in uniform to scare them which supposed to be not.

Wear red clothes.
Red has the longest and least bent wavelength. It means red light travels faster and can be easily recognized than any other color.

That day, we are wearing red shirts making me and Matthew easily saw each other even we are far from each other and there are people walking around.

Source: Mommy Maye's IG

There are only a few tips I got from that experience. I know that always keeping an eye on them and asking them to always stay on your side is the best way to prevent them from getting lost.

Have you experienced such scenario?