August 8, 2015

Room Ideas for Boys

This cabinet is actually older than the user. Mommy and I purchased this cabinet in 2008 after we got married. Damages like falling doors and worn out handles are just some of the evidences telling how old it is and needs replacement. I already tried fixing the doors by placing hinges but after several months, sira na naman.

I am suggesting Mommy that we need to replace this cabinet to avoid accidents from the falling doors. I am also considering of having a closet mounted on the wall with sliding or foldable doors using sturdy Grant parts.

Here are some ideas I got from the net:

"Baby" Blue

Source: Ceridian Index

The Surfer

Source: Ceridian Index

The Baller

Source: HGTV

The Blocks

Source: Home Design Gallery

Pero sayang naman if we are going to dump the old cabinet, it is still usable except for the door problem. Thinking practicality, I decided to take a rest from baking this weekends to fix it. I will install another set of hinges and replace the handles. I hope it will and last for few more years until Matthew had his own room.

What are your bedroom ideas for kids?