August 4, 2015

Familoop Safeguard on Monitoring Kid's Online Activities

At the age of 5, my son can actually navigate his Mom’s tablet without any hassle. He can also go online and watch YouTube on Smart TV. Just like the other day, he was trying to download one of the apps that I just deleted. As early as now, I am worried that few years more, he can already browse the internet and might encounter some sites that are not suitable for his age.

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Internet is a great resource for our kids. With just one click, they can get the answers to their assignments. They can read encyclopedia and other books online. There are also online tutorials and classes available nowadays.

Though is it considered a big help in mental development, dangers are still behind this powerful technology. Cyberbullying and porn sites are just two of the hazards that a kid may encounter as they click the mouse.

One dilemma of parents about internet is on how to protect the kids against the risk of the internet. For a parent that works full-time, like me, sitting beside them while doing their research and working in front of the computer or other gadgets is not the best way to take in control. What if you are not around?

Another way to protect them from the possible online harm is to have protection tools. Familoop Safeguard is one of these that a smart parent may consider.

How does it work?
Familoop-parental control is a software that will give a snapshot of kids’ activities, friends, interests, and intents. It has a capacity to identify online threats like chatting with strangers and cyberbullying. Blocking unsafe contents and search results, social networking controls, child locator, communication control, game and apps management, and actionable insights are just some of the features of this tool.

Block unsafe content & search results.
Familoop - website blocker instantly hinder any unsuitable web sites and pages, and removes harmful content from search results. Parents will get notifications from any suspicious activities in real-time even searches in the "incognito mode".

Social networking controls.
Kids will be protected from cyberbullying, oversharing, online predators across 15+ sites including Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+, Skype, and other popular social networking sites.

Child locator
With the GPS Child tracking app kids’s location, can be automatically viewed from the dashboard whether their phone is in hands or pocket. Parents will be alerted if kids enter dangerous places, go to school, leave home or at any places.

Location history

Location history can be also traced therefore parents will have an idea if their kids is telling the truth on their whereabouts.

Establish communication controls.
Though monitoring kid’s activity over social networking sites is a way of invading their privacy, parents still needs to be aware of such activities especially on instant messaging, emails, calls and text or SMS messages. With this, Familoop will take control of all major instant messaging like Yahoo and Facebool Messenger, Skype, Google Hangouts and others.

Instant Messaging

Contacts in major networking sites as well as e-mail service provides like YahooMail, AOL Mail, Hotmail and Gmail can be can be also viewed. This keeps parents alert when suspicious person has been contacted and became friends with kids.

Viewing contacts

Mange games, apps, and device time.
Nowadays, use of electronic gadgets like tablet is being used in some schools. They use this device to store electronic textbooks giving more convenience to kids.

But how will you ensure that these gadgets are used for this purpose?

With Familoop, parents can monitor if kids uses the device in just playing games and other apps. Furthermore, age-rating games can be hindered.

Time and apps restriction

Setting time restrictions is also another feature of Familoop. Bed-time, school time and screen time can be set making the app disabled during these periods.

Actionable insights.
Familoop is not only about monitoring your kids suspisious activities, it also enables parents to give guidance, advise and discussions about what kids saw online.

Insights of activities

Parents will also have a real-time dashboard to monitor what they are doing online and offline.

How to get Familoop Safeguard?
Familoop Safeguard will be available on September 2015 but you can already make a purchase as early as now and get a huge discount of 60% upon launching.

With such product as Familoop, parent will able to get relief from possible danger that their kids might encounter on their internet activities.

How do you protect and monitor kids online activities?