August 28, 2015

Safest and Deadliest Automobiles

Scarlet (Kia Picanto)

I am driving Kia Picanto provided by our company for more than four years already. One of the privileges of having this is I can used it for our personal travel like going to our hometown. part of our itenirary is to drop by the market and buy some vegetables because is it much cheaper compared to Bulacan price.

Though Scarlet can still accomdate the three of us, there are times that some of our belongings are already placed in the backseast.  The trunk or the compartment is already filled by the boxes of what we bought. Mama told us to buy our own service with spacious interior like a van or a pick-up.

In case we are going to have the new vehicle for family use, price and space is not the only factor that needs to be considered. Safety should be also on top of the list.

The San Diego Personal Injury Attorneys have a list of safest and deadliest automobiles. The list is categoried according to  vehicle type and safety is determined based on the number of reported deaths per million of registration.

Topping the list of DEADLIEST are:

SUV: Chevrolet Suburban 1500 2WD (60 deaths)

Pick-up: Chevrolet Silverado 1500 Crew 4WD (79 deaths)

Minivans/Wagons:Nissan Cube (66 deaths)

4-Door Cars: Kia Rio (149 deaths)

and SAFEST are as follows:

SUVs: Kia Sorento 2WD,
together with Toyota Hihglander Hybrid 4WD
and Sequoia 4WD (0 recorded death)

Pick-up: Dodge Ram 1500 Quad 4WD (8 deaths)

Minivans/Wagons: Honda Odessey (0 death) 

4-Door Cars: Subaru Legacy 4WD (0 death)

For the complete list of safest and deadliest automobiles can be viewed at Aside from the types listed above, cars categoried to luxury cars and luxury SUVs are also listed.

Maybe, in the future and in God's will, we will have our own vehicle for the whole family and we can bring home more than vegetables. LOL.

Are you planning to buy a new car?