August 22, 2012


Alma Mater dear 
O' Hail to thee
Full glory and honour may yours forever be 
The lights we share from the torch you hold
Vanquish darkness and spread cheers all over the whole wide world 
C-L-S-U, C-L-S-U
Patriotic service to country
We'll prove to you our love and loyalty
So Hail! Hail to thee
Alma Mater!

Who can forget this university hymn for someone like me who almost spend half of his life in the said place where I studied from kinder until college.

I learned this song since I was kinder. During our high school days, we used to sing this as closing part of our Monday flag raising ceremony. In college, as requirement for one of our subject, we need to sing this in front of our class. Furthermore, we are required to sing this properly before the librarian signs our clearance. It is alright to sing this but they required us the Filipino version. Wheew!

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