August 27, 2012

PCC Dairy Products

In my previous post about our long weekends, I mentioned that we got a chance to buy some dairy products at PCC-CLSU.

Before, they are just selling fresh carabao's milk which really an all time favorite of most residents - faculties, staffs and students in the University. Morning joggers, will definitely not forget to visit and bought a pouch of fresh milk.

As they continue to sell fresh milk, they tried to innovate their products. They eventually have choco-milk (combination of milk and chocolate), lacto-juice (fruit-flavored milk) and even pastillas made from pure carabaos milk.

Now they are also selling veggie-enriched pastillas (malunggay, ube and squash), flavored polvoron, ice creams as well as plain and flavored yogurt.

Once you got a chance to visit my Alma Mater, try to visit the PCC Product Outlet Store and try to taste their products. This is also a great item for pasalubong.

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