August 31, 2012

National Heroe's Day

While some is taking time for the event, we are celebrating our 109th monthsary, but I need to go to work because I need to make a report in one of our toll milling plant. I need to take pictures and make a presentation to be presented in their weekly meeting.

After I finished the report, I returned back home and spend the rest of the day with my family. Matt wants to go so we went to the clubhouse. He was very happy and keeps on running at the volleyball court. I saw many dragonflies so I tried to catch one and give it to Matt but he was afraid to touch it. LOL. It took me about half hour before I successfully catch one. Mommy keeps on saying the famous line for catchers: "Tutubi, tutubi, wag kang pahuli sa batang mapanghi." Matt keeps on shooing away the dragonflies too.

I really missed those times we are chasing and catching dragonflies in the middle of the day. I just hope that Matt will also experience this when he grew up a little more.

Sorry I forgot to bring our cam so Mommy didn’t take a pic of me while catching. I just took a pic of the dragonfly at home.

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