August 2, 2012

My 24-Hour Daily Schedule

Here we go again for the our BC Blogger Meme. This time our host, Yuuki, wants to know our 24-hour daily schedule. I am glad to share mine.

My day usually starts when my alarm hits 0440H. I'll took a nap for about 10 minutes before going to the bathroom for about 20 minutes. I will get dressed for and will take another short nap as I wait Mommy finished preparing for work too.

We took our breakfast at 0545H-0630H then leave for work.

Our work runs from 0700H-1600H but we are going out of the office at 1700H. Sometimes, we tend to have side trips before going home (usually market and grocery). We reached the home at around 1800H-1830H. 

We took a short rest while playing with Matt before having our dinner usually at 1900H and took about an half an hour. I'll take a short rest of about 30 minutes before going to the shower at around 2000H and finally go upstairs. But this does not mean that I will have to take the bed and sleep. I spend another hour or two making crafts for Momaye's Crafts or play, read and watch TV with Matt. This is only the bonding time for us during weekends. I will took my sleep at around 2130H-2200H. Usually, I wake up at around 0100H-0200H to prepare millk for Matt and continue my sleep and wake up as my alarm clock hits the set time again.

Sometimes, I used to wake up at around 0330H and go online. Check my emails, blog, and post discussions on Mylot.

And that's how my daily routine flows from Monday to Saturday.

Have a nice day.

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