August 8, 2012

Five Countries I Want to Visit

Top Five Countries I Want to Visit

Here’s my another entry for BC Blogger meme of the week. Congratulations to Jimmy for being our host. 

This time we are asked to share for the top five countries we want to visit before we retirement. I know this week will be exciting since we are going to have a virtual tour to other countries, so here’s mine:

I want to visit the city of light, Paris where the famous Eiffel Tower stood. Though I am afraid of heights, I will definitely climb this up.

Still in Paris, I want to peek the so-called Pyramid at Louvre Museum, where I saw it first in the movie “The Da Vinci Code”, where I thought it was just a fictional place. It was believed that  Mary’s bones lies here. This pyramid has been controversial since it was stated in Dan Brown’s novel to contain 666 panes (a Devil’s number), though there are claims that it has 673 panes. I think I should visit this and count how many panes are really there. LOL.

Another well-known structure in France is the Arc de Triomphe (Arc of Triumph) which stands at the center of Place Charles de Gaulle at the western end of Champs-Elysees. This monument was built in honor of the people who participated and died during the Frech Revolution. According one of my colleagues who visited here, in order to get a full shot of this monument, you need to wait for the traffic to stop and run in the middle of the street, took picture as fast as you can, and return to the sidewalk before the traffic resumes to move.

Eiffel Tower and Pyramid at Louvre Museum
(Photo Source)

Arc de Triomphe
(Photo Source)

This is another place in my list. Here, I can have more knowledge about our saviour, Jesus Christ. I can also visit here the places that are usually mentioned in the Bible.

Bethlehem, located south of Jerusalem, is the first on my list. I want to go inside the Basilica of Nativity to see the place where Christ was born. And since I already visited the place where Christ was born, why not to drop in where He was crucifixed at the Calvary (Golgotha) and was resurrected at Jerusalem.

I want also to feel the tranquillity of these places.

Basilica of Nativity (exterior, interior and the place where Christ was born)
(Photo Source)

The place of Ressurection and The Altar of Golgotha
(Photo Source)

There are lot of tourist spots in this country as well as the old structures that still reamained and preserved by the government.

First to visit is the Trevi fountain located at Rome Italy. I put this on my list because it is believed that once you throw a coin in this fountain, you will be going back in this place again. This place is known worldwide and was the largest Baroque Fountain in the city.

Rome’s Colosseum is another place to visit, where the gladiatorial shows and other events like beast hunting are being held in the ancient years. Though there are parts that have been damaged, it is still preserved and became one of the most famous tourist destinations.

Venice is a sure to visit at Italy. This is known to be the most romantic city in the world.

Trevi Fountain, A river in Venice and The Colosseum
(Photo Source)

Since we are already in Italy. Why not to proceed to the country within this country, Vatican City.
I was inspired by the movie Angels and Demons. Visiting the religious landmarks like  the St. Peter’s Basilica and the St. Peter’s Square is really worth it.

When I was in grade school, we studied some of the famous paintings by four well-known painter (Name of the four mutant ninja turtles. Just kidding). One of them is Michaelangelo's "The Creation of Adam", which is hand painted at the ceiling of Sistine Chapel.

I heard that there are many grottoes in Vatican City which I would like to visit too.

I hope that I can also attend a mass officiated by the Pope. 

A panoramic Scene in St. Peter's Square and St. Peter's Basilica
(Photo Source)

Top View of Sistine Chapel, Painted Ceiling and "The Creation of Adam"
(Photo Source)

Who says that visiting the African continent will only find desserts and safaris? We must change this impression.

Tanzania is one of a nice place to visit. With its tropical climate, we can really easily adopt in this place. Situated is the border of African continent, one of its border it the Indian Ocean where beautiful white beaches, perfect for relaxation, are located in the province of Zanzibar.

Of course, experiencing the wildlife safari is really a great adventure.

In this country lies a dormant volcano with three cones, the famous Mount Kilimanjaro lies. This is the highest mountain in the whole Africa.

One of the coastlines in Zanzibar, Tanzania
(Photo Source)

A savana in Ngoro-ngoro crater
(Photo Source)

Mount Kilimanjaro
(Photo Source)
Though we are asked to state the countries we want to visit, travelling around our own country is still my priority.

Please feel free to share yours too.

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