August 10, 2012

Family Day Sundays: Pancit and Tacos

August 05, 2012

Sunday is always a family day for us.

After attending the mass,  mommy and I discussed if we are going to SM Marilao but we decided to go home because of the threarts of heavy rain. We took a short trip in the nearby market to buy some fruits for Matt. Unfortunately, the prices are really high and the quality is not that good. So we decided to go home and spend the rest of the day staying at home.

On our way home, Matt asked ice cream so I parked the car in the 7-eleven store and buy Fundae.

Tita has already cooked the pancit when we arrived. I did some "repair" since I bought squid balls and kikiam intended for the pancit (with only few bits of veggies since the price really shoots up)

After taking our lunch, I decided to go upstairs and put Matt to sleep. However, he did not want to sleep. Maybe, he just making use of the time we are with him since the following day will be another day for work. Suddenly Matt keep on saying, "Daddy, kain! Stand-up! Please?!". I check the clock and it is already time for some merienda. I prepared some tacos this time. Nanay Bisaya (our neighbor) gave us some ginataang bilo-bilo.

We went back upstairs and make some cuddling with our little angel.

That's how we spend our family day this week. 
The Pancit

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