August 25, 2012

Long Weekends Part 2

Here is my second and last part of my long weekend in Nueva Ecija.

Just as usual, when Papa heard that Matt was already awake, he asked Matt to go with him and they will visit my uncle's house. Mommy and I immeidately fixed the bed and told them that we will also go. Unfortunately, they are not at home so we just roam in their yard while Mama and Papa picked some veggies that we will bring home here in Bulacan, Matt, Mommy and I took chances to take pictures. 
Matt and I
Mommy and Matt
Matt was happy to see the rabbits and wants to play with them. He really loves animals. These rabbits were pets by one of my cousins who really fond of taking care different animals.
Matt and the rabbits

After very long time, I got a chance eat guava fruits directly picked from the tree. I remember the last time I did this is when I was still capable of climbing trees or should I say, guava tree can still manage to carry me. LOL.
The Guava
After few minutes, we also visited Nanay (Papa's mother) house in the nearby baranggay. She was really happy to see Matt. She missed him so much. We also visited our former college teacher and have a small chitchat.

We then proceed to my aunt's house and took some coffee. Before heading back to home. Unfortunately, I haven't got a chance to took pics on the last two spots because it was already raining.

I cooked sweet and sour fishballs for our lunch. Papa really liked the dish and even eat the fishballs without the sauce. hehehe.

After lunch, it is sad but we really need to prepare and travel back home. I know Papa and Mama is happy but will definitely feel sad since he waited, not us but Matt, for so long yet we spend only two days with them. On the other hand, they promised that they will visit us here in Bulacan once they got a chance to travel.

That's how we spend the long weekend. It is quite short but we really spend it quality wise.

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