April 17, 2013

Confession of a Dad

One sunday, while crocheting, Matt approached me and keeps on pulling my hands. He wants me to play with him outside but I still continue on crocheting. Then he suddenly said something that makes me stop and think for a while.

Matt: Daddy, maya na gagantsilyo ha! (Daddy, do your crochet later, okay?)

For a two year old boy, he may not know the meaning of what he said and it is up to you on how you respond to such statement. Hearing those words makes me feel guilty and thought that he is just asking my attention even for a while.

I immediately set my things aside and go out and have a walk with him.
There are times I easily lost my temper with Matt because of his kakulitan and scolded or get angry with him and worst I spanked him a little. In the end I feel guilty on what I did. What really breaks my heart is when I heard his conversation with mommy:

Mommy: Sorry ka na kay Daddy. Pa-loves mu na sya. (Say sorry to Daddy, tell him you love him)
Matt: Ayaw. Hindi na laloves daddy. (I don’t like. I don’t love him anymore)

How about you, how will you feel when you hear those words from a two-year old kid?

However, my anger eventually losses once he approaches, hugs and kisses me saying “Pa-loves Daddy, Ser Chief. Wag na kukulit Mamatt ha? Gagalit Daddy, Ser Chief” (Love you Daddy, Ser Chief. Don’t be naughty Matt, okay? Daddy, Ser Chief, will get angry.)

Very heartwarming right?