April 6, 2013

Brain and Blood Dominance Therapy

Photo Source: The tale fin
We need to have at least 6 hours of sleep every night to keep our body healthy. During our sleep, our body is making self-detoxification process. But what if you have difficulty getting your sleep at night? Some would suggest taking sleeping pills. Is this effective? How about the side effects?  Why not try to solve it naturally? How?

Dr. Edinell Calvario of Healing Galing mentioned the Brain and Blood Dominance Therapy as one of the natural remedies to solve your sleeping problem.

In this therapy, first, you need to determine the 4 major directions thru the use of compass. Second, you must be sure of your blood type. 

Once you know the two requirements, you will position your head towards the direction which will corresponds to your blood type - Type A for North, Type B for West, Type AB for South, and Type O for East.

However, this therapy might not work if you are an anemic or hungry. You need to normalize your blood condition or must eat before trying this therapy.

can't tell the effectiveness of this therapy since I haven't encountered any problem with my sleep.

Please don't hesitate to share the results once you tried this therapy.