April 13, 2013

Projects: Improvised Mosquito Trap

After placing indoor plants with air-purifying function, we must also consider that it will be a good hide-out for mosquitoes. We know that mosquitoes carry various microorganisms that could lead to illness like dengue, malaria and many more. I just want to share an improvised mosquito trap I got from the net.

You will need:
Empty 1.5-L or 2-L Softdrinks PET bottle
¼ cup clean hot water
50 grams brown sugar
1 gram yeast

Here's how to do it:
Cut the bottle in half. The upper portion will serve as funnel.

Mix sugar with hot water until dissolved. Let it cool.
Pour the cold mixture into the bottom half of PET bottle.
Add yeast. Do not mix for it will create carbon dioxide. 
Cover using the upper portion of the bottle by placing it upside down. 

Wrap using dark colored paper like carbon paper or aluminum foil.
In this, I used brown felt paper.
Place in corners but better if this are placed beside the indoor plants.
Replace the content after two weeks.
Thought this will help reducing the incidents illnesses carried by mosquitoes, cleanliness is still the best prevention against these tiny flyers. Clean or remove their possible breeding grounds. Remember, dengue is not only present during rainy days but throughout the year.