April 11, 2013

Captured Moments: Campaign Posters

(Warning: This post contains several photos that may cause few minutes to load completely)

The campaign period for the local election is already started last week. From there on up to present, I noticed that there is a big change on the scenery on our way to work particularly in the San Jose Del Monte-Marilao Road (along Prenza-Loma de Gato area). The roadside looks like trash due to emerging pasting of posters/banners of the candidates for the local elections. Walls, electrical posts, trees, waiting sheds, as well as bridge were not excused from these posters. These were an eyesore for me.
A bit blurry because we are travelling
Even bridges aren't excused

As well as the steel barriers before the bridge
(the one painted with yellow and balck stripes which serves as cautio to motorist)
This and the following are walls by private companies or individuals

Mommy and I were discussing about this matter.

Me: Wala na silang pinalagpas na area. Lahat ng pwedeng lagyan nilagyan na. (They did not excuse any area. Where ever they can post they will.)
Mommy: Oo nga. Nakaka-turn-off ung mga kandidatoPicturan mo kaya tapos padala mo sa Bayan Patroler?(Yes, it makes me turn-off with those candidates. Why not take photos and send it to Bayan Patroler?)
Me: Pwede. Parang wala silang pakiaalam sa environment no? Lilinisin din kaya nila yan pagkatapos ng election? (Why not! It seems that they don’t care for the environment. Will they clean those after the election?)
Mommy: Naku ‘wag kang tatayo katabi ng mga poste, baka pati ikaw madikitan ng mga poster! (Oh my, don’t stand beside the posts, they might put poster on you too.)

Toinks! May tama si Mommy! (Mommy has a point!). LOL

I know that there are rules and regulation with regards to posting of campaign materials. However, with these scenarios, I think there is a laxity in the implementation of the said rules.

How about you, does your area looks like this too?