April 10, 2013

Experience of a Dad-To-Be

Three years ago, my wife told me that she was a month delayed on her monthly period. I immediately thought that she was pregnant with our first child. The following day, I bought PT Kit and was very happy to know that in 9 months-time; I will be a full-pledged dad. I think I was more excited than Mommy that time. LOL

After few days, we went to OB for a check-up. Before the check-up, I was bit nervous that there is a risk of having twins since this genetic trait runs in my mother side’s blood and I know that male are mostly the carriers. Mommy told me that she will be happy if we will have twins especially if it is fraternal (a boy and a girl). Not a bad idea though. What I was worried about having twins is how we dress them. Do we need to make them looks the same especially if they are identical?

Photo Source: Little Me
I do researches over the net and I came across the Little Me website. There are lots of beautiful baby apparels. They also have Multiple Birth Program which helps in parents having not only twins but triplets and quadruplets as well and send free gifts after children’s births. I was excited to try this program in case we will have twins.

After the check-up, I was a bit relieved for not having twins but next time we plan to have another baby, dressing up twins will not be a problem anymore.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post