April 12, 2013

Movie Sharing: First Love (A Little Thing Called Love)

It is about a love story of two persons in their high school years but they keep on hiding what they feel.  This is a Thai movie starred by Mario Maurer who played Shone, a football player and Pimchanok Luevisadpaibul as Nam who was an ordinary student.

Nam was then dark skinned and ugly not until she met Shone. With the help of her friends, she does everything to be beautiful and fairer. They also wants to join the dance club so that they will be noticed in their school however, they did were not allowed to join the sad club. However, one of their teacher’s asked them to join the drama club and they will get a good role in the upcoming stage play, Snow White and the Seven Dwarf wherein Nam was considered to play Snow White since she was good in English then. She was also chosen joined the band and became the majorette during the parade. Furthermore, she strived to get good grades and be top 1 so she can go to US as promised by their father who worked as a Chef Assistant in New York.

On the other hand, Shone is a handsome and considered as school heartthrob who likes to play football but hesitant to join play the school team since his father got a bad name in the said sports. He also got interest in photography.

They keep their love for each other. Not until Top, Shone’s best friend went to their school. He found Nam beautiful and wanted to be his girlfriend. Top was busted and talked to Shone to keep their promise that they never fall in love with the same girl.

During the closing of the school, Nam gets the courage to confess and tell Shone that she love him from the start. Unfortunately, she found out that Shone was already into a relationship with someone.

They separated their ways as Shone went to Bangkok and became member of the known football team while Nam travelled to US to continue her study as promised by her dad. Before Shone flies to Bangkok, he went to Nam’s house and left a scrapbook in their doorstep. The scrapbook contains everything about his love for Nam.

After nine years, Nam was invited in a talk show as a successful fashion designer in New York. During the interview, she admitted that she was ugly and always out of fashion but changed because of Shone. The host then, handed her the scrapbook and called its owner, Shone, who became a professional photographer.

Nam asked him if he was already married. He did not answer the question but told her that he was waiting for someone to go back from the US. – the End

PS: I heard that there will be part 2 of this movie and I am going to wait for this one.