April 22, 2013

Changing Diaper: A Dad's Experience

Photo Source: GoesHealth.com
Many dads are unaware of how to change diapers of their kids especially the new ones. However, this is not always the case. For a hands-on dad like me, I consider this as part of being a dad and I am really proud of it. During my paternal leave, I used to help mommy on some baby duties since she underwent CS delivery. I used to prepare water for the bath, help mommy in bathing Matt, change diaper especially at night.
I just want to share my 10 easy steps on how to change dirty diapers to give idea on fathers-to-be, of course for mothers too.
  1. Even you are working on a dirty stuffs. You need to clean your hands and disinfect using alcohol.
  2. Remove baby’s bottoms and remove dirty diaper.
  3. Place tissue paper on baby’s private parts. You must be quick on this since cold air usually triggers peeing.
  4. Slightly lift your baby’s bottom part thru the ankle and clean off excess poop or pee by using tissue of baby wipes. I heard that for a baby girl, you should wipe from front towards back. This will prevent infections resulting to UTI and others.
  5. Check if the baby is thoroughly clean.
  6. Remove dirty diaper and place in a plastic bag. If you are using cloth diaper, soak them in water before washing.
  7. Pat dry baby’s bottom using tissue. Apply rash cream, if necessary.
  8. Slide on new diaper and fasten it lightly. Your finger should be able to slide inside the waistband. This will be used in checking if the diaper is already wet inside. Change clothes if needed.
  9. Sanitize your hands.
  10. Lastly, give your hugs and kisses.

Parents-to-be: Changing diaper is easy. right?