April 16, 2013

Prevent Heat Stroke

Thermometer surrounded by orange sky and hot sun
Photo Source: Mom Clean Air Force
Summer is getting more intense every year. Many health problems occurred this year and one of the most common is heat stroke also called as hyperthermia.

Wikipedia defined heat stroke as increase of body temperature to greater that 40.6°C, that is about 3°C higher than the normal body temperature, caused by environmental heat exposure with deficiency on thermoregulation.

How do we prevent this illness? Here are some:
We must know the symptoms. Just like mentioned above, increase of body temperature with in combination with confusion and a lack of sweating is the most common symptom. Another best indication is the color of urine. Dark-colored urine may indicate dehydration.

Wear lightweight, light-colored clothing. Light-colored clothing reduces absorption of heat produced via radiation. While dark-colored absorbs more.

Drink sufficient water. I heard that 8 glasses of water is not enough during this season and it should be increased to 13 glasses. According to naturopathy, drinking room temperature water is better since cold water will enhance your body to burn more calories resulting heat. Furthermore, shaking water at least 40 times will keep you hydrated longer.

Avoid diuretics. Drinking alcohols, coffee and tea is not recommended. They are considered diuretics which might result into dehydration. Shift to plain water instead.

Avoid heavy meals.  Having heavy meals will trigger your body to burn more calories resulting to increase in body temperature.

Enjoy and Stay Healthy this summer!