March 19, 2014

10 Things to be Thankful

When I opened Google, I saw cakes formed into the word “Google”. I placed the cursor to know what is today’s the significant event. When it popped up, it was actually a birthday greeting for me. Here’s how it looks like:

Google's Birthday Greeting 
Yes, today, I turned 33. I don’t know what to post this day. My celebration? I will have but this afternoon pa and hindi naman bongga. Simple dinner at home and that’s it! So I came up into this: 10 Things to be Thankful
My family. Though I am away from them, I am very thankful that they still keep on supporting me.

My wife. I admit I am not a perfect husband. With these imperfections, I am thankful that Mommy is still there for me whatever happens.

My son. Though there are times I lost my patience, I am still thankful that he is there saying: “I love my Daddy!” with hugs and kisses. He is the best stress reliever ever! (GTB lang ang peg). I may not be a perfect father but I can be the best dad in the world.

My health. Sabi nila, habang tumatanda makakramdam ka na ng mga sakit. However, now at my age, I am thankful that I haven’t experience such except for some knee pain (Sign of ageing na nga).

My skills. Many of you know that I can crochet, cook, fix some electrical things, etc. (Parang Jack-of-all-trades lang). With this, I am very thankful, some of them are used to earn extra income.

My work. Of course, this is our main source of income and where I used to apply all the things I learned not only from school but from the trainings my work offered me.

My friends. I am very thankful to have friends who supported me an always there in times I need them in all aspect.

My blog. Not only with my blog but with all my readers and followers too. Here, I can share some things and ideas in my mind. I just hope my readers appreciated those.

My challenges. These are the things that make me strong and keep on surviving. Actually, I used to treat such challenges as a positive rather than negatives.

My everyday. I am very thankful for each day God gave me. This only means that I still have another day 

I cannot enumerate all the things I have to be thankful. Just thinking those, I really feel blessed.

Have a nice day!