March 31, 2014

Banking Has Never Been This Rewarding!

I read many blogs about their acquire on BDO Rewards Card so I tried to inquire at my branch on how to avail of the said card. Since I met the basic requirements to own a card, I inquire thru online and here is our conversation:

20-Dec-2013 – I made inquiry on how to avail BDO Rewards Card

I just want to inquire what are the requirements to have a BDO Rewards Card.

As per inquiry on the branch where I have my existing account, there is a
maintaining balance requirement. I think I
was able to meet the minimum daily balance of 50K for months already but I
haven't received Rewards Card.

By the way, my account name is Allan Domencil opened at Waltermart Sta. Maria,
Bulacan Branch.

Hoping for your favorable response soon.

20-Dec-2013 – I got response from the Customer Service
Hi Mr. Domencil,

Please provide us with the following information so we can check if you are

Middle Name -
Date of Birth (yyyy-mm-dd) -
Complete mailing Address (Philippines) -

On the same day, I provided the details they asked for.

23-Dec-2013 – To my surprise, my card was released on June 2008 but returned to sender.

Hi Mr. Domencil

Your Rewards card was released to the courier on June 17, 2008 and it was

tagged as RTS (Returned to sender).  We will check your card was delivered

to BDO EDSA - East Caloocan Branch. Please await feedback within 5 banking

Thank you.
Bct. Ms. Cheri,

Kindly check and advise if the card of Mr. Allan Domencil (CIF# xxxxxxx450)
is part of your Rewards card RTS inventory.

Return to Sender    UNKNOWN PERSON        06/28/2008    1    1    TGMCS

Then I remember, when I opened my account at EDSA East Branch on 2006, I used the address of the boarding house where I used to stay in Caloocan during that time. On 2007, I was transferred here in Bulacan already.

26-Dec-2013, I received a message from BDO-EDSA East Caloocan Branch that the card was already perforated.

Since it was part of the 2008 RTS, most probably it was perforated already
since we cannot contact client and he has no existing account with us


Subject: Re: Attn. Ms. Alpha Fajardo--> BR-15300 Re: CARD - Replacement
(RTS) = xxxxxxxxxxxx3648 Allan Domencil

Thank you for informing us Ms. Cheri.
Bct. Ms. Alpha,

Please request card replacement from your designated Rewards CSO. The
replacement fee for Perforated RTS card is free of charge.
CIF No.: xxxxxxx450
Card No.: xxxxxxxxxxxx3648
Mailing address: xxxxxxxxxxx, MARILAO

On the same day, I was informed that I will be able to receive the replacement of my BDO Rewards card within 25 banking days.

17-Feb-2014, I made follow-up on my card

Dear Ma'am,

I just want to inform you that until now I haven't received my BDO Rewards


Hoping for your favorable response soon.

03-Mar-2014, Finally, I got a response.


We apologize for the delay.

This will be referred to your BDO Branch of Account (EDSA East - Caloocan
Branch).  We will coordinate with them re your Emerald replacement card

Until last Thursday, I unexpectedly received a LBC parcel at home addressed to me containing my BDO Rewards Card.  The following day, I called the customer hotline to activate my card and was happy to know that currently, I already have 891 points which is equivalent to 891 pesos. That was awesome! Sayang, if I already have my card on 2007, mas madami na sanang points ang naipon ko.
BDO Rewards Package

Nevertheless, I was happy now that with my BDO Rewards Card, I can earn points from my online banking transactions, purchases at their partners and enjoy the points afterwards.

For your inquiries on how to avail the said card and what are the privileges, you can visit BDO Website.

“Banking has never been this rewarding!”