March 26, 2014

The Birthday Gift 2014

Last year, Mommy gave me one of my long-wished gift – a DSLR. For this year, I wished to have an oven or a steamer and that wish is granted. Mommy allowed me to buy the steamer exactly on my birthday. Here it is:
The Steamer (size: 30cm 3-layer steamer)
Again, thanks to Mommy for this simple yet very useful and wonderful gift. Hindi na ako mahihirapan magluto ng puto, siomai, leche flan and others that needs steaming.

Ooops, by the way, Mommy promised me one more thing. We are going to buy the oven this year. Yehey!

I love you Mommy..Mwaah, mwaaah, mwaaah…Tsup, tsup, tsup…Shake, shake, shake!!!!