March 12, 2014

Project: Soccer Ball Crochet Hat

Two weeks ago, Mommy received an inquiry if we can make this type of crochet hat: 
Soccer Ball Hat Crochet PATTERN
Source: Etsy
Before sayng “YES”, she asked me first if can do it since majority of the crochet hats is assigned to me. So I search the net to a get free pattern. Swerte meron! Check it HERE.

Unlike other hats, this one is like a puzzle, you need to make 6 pentagon, 5 hexagon and 5 half-hexagon, then attach them together to make a half soccer ball. 

Now, my problem is, the finished product of the said pattern will fit a 4-5 months old baby only. The requested one is for 1-2 years old. Patay!
Sabi nga nila, “practice makes perfect”.  I made the pentagon first by following the pattern.
First try, the too small pentagon.
Second try, not look like a pentagon but more of a circle.
Third try, finally, okay na.
Fourth, hindi ko masundan and half-hexagon pattern. So I decided to create my own. 
From here, I created my own pattern na.

Here is the finished product.
Soccer Ball Crochet Hat
When Matt saw the finished product, he wants to wear it but it won’t fit. So he asked me if I can make another one for him. I said “yes” so may utang tuloy ako sa kanya.

In times like this (you need juicy fruit gum. LOL), I now believe that crochet does help your brain cells work. Also, this project needs a lot of patience because have to make lots of weaving. However, as you go along, nakaktuwa once you see that it already started to form a soccer ball.

You can check the modified pattern HERE.