March 4, 2014

Little Artist’s Entry: Betty-fly

This is our entry for the Enfalearn's Little Artists Digital Coloring Book Contest. Actually Matt is not yet good enough in holding colors and writing instruments but he can already write his name, di nga lang pantay-pantay but for sure he will learn how to do it eventually. Sabi nga nila: "Practice makes perfect." Kudos to Mommy for her patience in teaching Matt how to write.

I just want to ask you favor from you...Please to vote our Betty-fly (from the word butterfly) entry HERE.Together with Matt, we made this one. He is the one who picks the color and I was the one who clicks. Yes he can already identify colors and it started before he reached the age of 2. Here is our entry for the said contest.
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 Voting will run on March 03-16, 2014. Participants will have a chance to win the following:

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