March 21, 2014

On Dehydration and Shaken Water

Sometimes, when you don’t feel thirsty, you will not think that you are not yet dehydrated. However, do you know that you can determine if you are already dehydrated just by looking on the color of your urine? Here is a sample of urine color chart that you can use as a guide or warning that you are already dehydrated. By the way, sometimes, foods and drinks you take may affect the color of your urine too.

If you happen to see that your urine is in the "dehydration" level, don’t panic as if you are going to die. LOL. You can do some steps to rehydrate or better prevent having that color of urine.

First is to avoid intake of diuretic foods and drinks. Caffeinated drinks like coffee and tea are good examples of diuretics.

Second is to drink water at least 1-2 glasses per hour or recommended is 30-35ml per kilogram body weight per day (juices, tea and other fluids not included). But one problem in drinking lots of water is you will urinate frequently. This is one of the reasons why most don’t drink water regularly. I found one solution to this problem.


By shaking the water at least 40 times before drinking, it will keep you hydrated longer and will reduce the problem of frequent urination. In my own experience, I can feel the fluidity increase and guess what? I can stay for more than hour before peeing.

According to Healing Galing, shaken water helps you absorb the water faster but stays longer in our system, thus it helps cleanse your body. Just like they always say: “There are no other liquid that can cleanse your body better than water.”

Alsp according to some claims, shaking water will increase the amount of dissolved oxygen and will form a detectable amounts of hydrogen peroxide, H2O2. Yes, you read it right, hydrogen peroxide or agua oxenada, the one we used in cleaning and disinfecting wounds. Again, don't panic! By producing hydrogen peroxide, water will improve its purity, flavor and vitality. By the way, I don’t recommend adding “over-the-counter” hydrogen peroxide in your water.

Just try this procedure and share your experience too.

One thing more, don’t just drink water when you feel thirsty. Because thirst is not a good sign of dehydration. Keep on drinking water even you are not thirsty.

Do you have any other means of keeping your body hydrated?