March 13, 2014

Movie Sharing: Girl-Boy-Bakla-Tomboy

Source: Pinoy Daily
I haven’t watch movies in cinema for years already so I am not that updated with some of the films. Just like this one. Las Sunday was able to view one of the top-grosser film in the latest MMFF - Girl, Boy, Bakla, Tomboy starred by Vice Ganda who played the characters of quadruplets. This film is directed by Wenn V. Deramas.

The story started when Pia (Maricel Soriano) gave birth to quadruplets names Girlie (Girl), Peter (Boy), Mark (Bakla) and Panying (Tomboy). These four were separated since their father – Pete (Joey Marquez) left for States carrying the two, Girlie and Peter, while the other two left to Pia. The siblings grew up without knowing that they have other siblings not until Peter got sick and needs a liver transplant to heal his hepatitis.

From the States, together with their family, Girlie and Peter went back to Manila to find their other siblings. They found out that only Mark (Gay) is compatible for the liver transplant. With full of hatred, Mark wants to experience how they live while his other two siblings have a good life in the states in return for donating his liver. He chose Girlie to do all the tasks.

One day, instead of Girlie, Peter do the plowing where he collapsed in the middle of the rice field. Because of the incident, Mark, bursted out why he does all those things. Then the liver transplant proceeded.

The movie ended with a complete family and they never returned back to the States.

For me, the movie is a bit good and very comedic. However, as the movie goes along, nagiging corny na and parang nawawala na ang story due to too many punchlines. Just like other reviews,  “The film just runs out of things to talk about, and basically just starts repeating itself” (I forgot the source). Over-all, the film has a good entertainment value.

Have you already watched the film? Care to share your views?