March 20, 2014

Family Day Sunday: Not A Busy Day

Last Sunday, we woke up too earlier than the usual because I need to go to work and collect samples. My inspector is not available on this day so as part of “professionalism”, I have to do his part for the mean time.

Mommy decided to go with me so we can attend the mass afterwards since the church is just few minutes drive from workplace. Matt was so excited to visit his "Mom's Laboratory" where we had our breakfast. To his surprise, he didn’t find anyone except for our utility cleaning the workplace. Matt keep on asking: “Nasan si Tita Mare? Si Ninong?” Looking for our Kumare (the one I mentioned in my other post) and his Godfather.

After collecting samples, I changed clothes because I am full of dusts. Ikaw ba naman ang sumuot sa mga storage tank ng feeds. Then we headed to church and attend the mass, ikot ng kaunti sa palengke looking for steamer. We found one but it is expensive compared to what I saw the other week. This is Mommy’s gift for me para mas madali na daw magluto ng puto.

Right after sample collection
We arrived home earlier too so I prepared our lunch – inihaw na fishlets (small fish) paired with “green mango salad” (mixture of julienned green mangoes, chopped tomatoes and onions, and sautéed bagoong alamang) and ripe mangoes. Perfect lunch right?
Perfect Lunch: Inihaw na isda, Mango-Bagoong, and ripe mango

After having our lunch, we finished the remaining orders – crochet horse hat, crochet crown and felt letters.
Personalized Crochet Crown
Felt Letters
Crochet horse hat
Wonder where is super kulit Matthew while we do our crochet and sewing tasks? He is sleeping with his Grandma in the bedroom. When he woke up, he keeps himself busy writing on his new pad of paper. He can already write the alphabet in upper case and his name without telling him what letter is next to each other. Konti na lang and he can perfectly write already. Then Mommy told him: “Matt, 'yung maliit na letters naman”. He wrote it in upper case font but very small size on top of what he wrote first. Maliit nga naman. Now, who’s wrong with the two? LOL.

Matt writting grabbed from IG
Matt's Writing grabbed from IG 
didn't consider this as busy day but a very productive one.

How about you, how did you spent your weekends?